Alien invasion
3 September 2014
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You've entertained the idea of a few changes around the garden. Now you've read our handy tips to get Spring ready and your mind is set. You are going for it!

A fair warning dear gardener. Aliens are among us and they do not (always) come in peace. Choosing a wrong tree for your home can have dire long term consequences on your property.
Alien invasive species (not a Saffa) have a huge negative impact on our South African environment. Bad stuff. Long story short, alien invasive can be put into 3 categories in South Africa.

Category 1: The alien "take-me-to-your" leader. Invader plants must be removed and destroyed immediately.

Category 2: Invader plants must be grown under controlled conditions only.

Category 3: Invader plants that may not be planted anymore. Be aware and make sure to stay proudly South African.
If money grew on trees
5 August 2014
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It turns out that money does actually grow on trees! For every R1 you spend on trees in your garden, it adds R5 to your property value. What’s more, trees that are properly placed around your home can reduce air conditioning needs by 30 percent and can save 20 – 50 percent in energy when it comes to heating. Trees are a great way of seeing the seasons change. Deciduous trees can give you shade, and cool down a hot area in summer, while letting the sun through to warm a living area and even the kitchen in winter. The cooling effect of a young healthy tree is equivalent to about ten room sized air conditioners. Since the electricity prices just keep skyrocketing in South Africa, this is reason enough to start planting!