Autumn Planting
21 April 2017
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Autumn's increased rainfall will start keeping your garden hydrated so it's a great season to plant and transplant trees and shrubs. Keep planting waterwise trees that can tolerate drought as South Africa is a water scarce country.

Our ultimate Autumn choices are:
• Olea Africana
• Harpephyllum caffrum
• Searsia
• Brachylaena discolour
• Tarchonanthus camphoratus

Laying a balanced fertiliser at the same time as Autumn's first rain is recommended; use your home-made compost and remember to add mulch as we have had a dry summer.
Frozen Compost
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From old tyres to an upside down dustbin, even that tuppaware which lost its lid can be repurposed into an urban composter. The basic principle of an ideal composter is to be able to add food waste into the top, and then later extract compost from the bottom. A trick of ours, if you are concerned about fruit flies indoors, is to keep your composting box in the freezer.

To the TreeCo top-in, top-out urban composting method:
• Chop up all compostable food
• Throw choppings into your freezer box
• Use when needed
Frozen compost is best used when planting or transplanting plants, and as a layer beneath the topsoil.

(Image credit: net_efekt | Flickr:
Bramble Orchard
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TreeCo Projects
Some of you may remember the orchard we planted on Mandela Day at Bramble Primary School in Bonteheuwel. After seeing how well the fruit trees were doing in our first visit, an additional 120 trees were delivered to them for the school's community tree-planting events.

We challenge you to see what you can do in your community, after all, “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn” #QuoteOfTheDay #TreeCo.
Functional Fevers
17 March 2017
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Featured Trees
Used since the 1600's as a remedy for fevers, the aptly named Fever tree has a longstanding history of functionality when it comes to aiding its environment.
To ailing man, Fever trees have helped by curing fevers and malaria, as quinine is extracted from the bark (which is also where this tree's photosynthesis occurs).
To their immediate surroundings, Fever trees enrich the soil with nitrogen which allows plants around the tree thrive.

And to landscapers, happy Fever trees offer an exceptionally fast growth rate of around 1.5 metres per year. So to see quick results, place your Fever order today: 021 864 3046.
Touching Base with TreeCo
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Over the course of this summer, TreeCo had a proud 20% drop in water consumption in December. But now, three months down the line, we are using between 50 and 60% less water than before. If you would like to implement similar water saving systems, please contact us.

Another positive outcome of the water restrictions has been that TreeCo trees are a lot hardier than we had originally anticipated, which means you can continue to look forward to planting healthy and robust TreeCo trees and shrubs.
Tips for the Dry-Wise Gardener
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With all the water-wise advice available these days, we recommend taking Rudi's hands-off approach to being a Dry-Wise gardener:

(a) don’t prune leafy branches yet; it’s better to wait for winter time as the leaves are currently essential for protection
(b) don’t worry if leaves go yellow; this is due to heat, try and use as much of your greywater as possible
(c) don’t worry if leaves fall off; it's a protection mechanism which keeps energy inside the tree

We have some excellent, heat-hardy specimens for you to plant over the remaining summer months; give us a call for more details on which trees you should be planting to ensure the best results on your gardening projects.
Actually January
25 January 2017
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Our sincerest apologies for the delay in getting this, TreeCo's first newsletter of the year, to you. We have been catching up on all our admin, which has been on a steady roll since we reopened earlier this month.

Jean and Rudi have been on the road constantly with deliveries which is good for business of course, but more importantly, good for the environment, and your gardens' growing success.

So many thanks to you, our clients for keeping the Cape green with TreeCo trees. With such a positive and busy start to the new year, we are really looking forward to 2017 and we wish you a prosperous new year too. Contact Rudi or Mireze directly for quotes or orders: 082 829 5543.
Four Fireproof Landscaping Tips
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We strongly recommend you take some time to fireproof your grounds with these TreeCo tips:
• Use rock mulch instead of bark mulch. Although rock mulch doesn't decompose into the soil, it doesn't need to be replaced regularly and comes in a vast variety of sizes, colours and textures.
• Create fire-safe zones by including low stone walls, patios and pathways into your landscape designs
• Choose plants that are natural fire-retardants like aloes, red hot pokers (Kniphofia uvaria) and ice plants (Lampranthus aurantiacus). They can absorb the heat of an approaching fire without catching alight. They can also slow the progression of a fire.
• Use fire-resistant shrubs such as bush honeysuckles, currants and sumacs.

See a comprehensive list of fire-retardant plants here: Additional tips can also be found on this Western Cape Government page: as well as this one:
Lower Water Levels
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With impending tougher water restrictions ahead, we cannot stress enough the need to BE WATER WISE.

If you are concerned about your choice of plants for a project or for your own garden, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 021 864 3046; we have the expertise to assist you in making water-wise decisions and we are always willing to share our knowledge with you.
Drought-Proof your Garden
15 December 2016
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Please remember that we are under strict water restrictions this summer, which means you cannot water your grounds as freely as you may wish to. Place an additional layer of mulch on your flower beds to reduce evaporation of the soil's moisture and reuse water from the house in your garden. Installing more permanent greywater solutions are advised.

It is also advisable to use less fertiliser, refrain from pruning your shrubs and trees, and move potted plants into shadier areas. You can get up to speed on the restrictions with City of Cape Town's website as well as keep tabs on the water restrictions through News24.
2016 Comes to a Close
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TreeCo News
We would like to thank all of our long-standing and new loyal clients for their support this year. Our gratitude also goes out to our esteemed suppliers and everyone who ran projects and events for which we donated trees.

TreeCo has grown in so many ways; without you and our team, this would not have been possible. We are closed for the December holidays as of today and will re-open on the 10th of January 2017.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Rocking the Daisies with TreeCo
13 October 2016
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For those of you who were enjoying the splendorous sounds of Rocking The Daisies this year, you will have seen the 80 TreeCo trees we sponsored to the event, boogying there with you.

Cloof Wine Estate hosts around 25 000 festival goers each year, but the music fest is not what makes the estate famous, actually it's the delicious wines produced from their unirrigated bush vines that draws the crowds year round. Pruning vines is a calculated science as each snip produces a difference in foliage, photosynthesis and grape ripening.
6000 Reasons for Species Diversification
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A key component of a healthy urban forest, especially one on your estate, is tree species diversity. Tree diversity within an urban forest landscape provides functional, aesthetic benefits as well as biological and ecological advantages, the foremost of which is greater stability of the ecosystem you've created.

Our new range of about 6 000 x 20L trees will almost be ready for delivery this December, which means that when you increase your species diversity with TreeCo, you are automatically restoring the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of your landscape
Some Sweetgum Secrets
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Still on special is the Sweetgum (Liquidamber styraciflua) which grows best in shady areas and clay soil and grows to about 15 metres in adulthood. The Sweetgum heartwood is pinkish while it's sapwood is creamy white and both are popular for furniture and veneer production.When wounded, the Sweetgum exudes a vanilla-scented resin, called styrax, which is used to make perfumes, incense and fragrant soaps.

Medical uses of this versatile variety is as an expectorant for sore throats and coughs, an antiseptic when used topically and even as a remedy for viruses such as the flu, measles and chickenpox when ingested.
Mission Olives and Freerange Eggs
13 September 2016
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As Arbor Week draws to a close, TreeCo is busy saving 35 mature 50 year old Mission Olive trees. This conservation project is being done in collaboration with James the Freeranger who is setting up huge new coops to house his 22,000 chickens. Each tree will be put into bags, rehabilitated and then sold on to selected clients. Our aim is not only to encourage people to plant trees but to conserve them as well.
TreeCo is Always Growing
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Heading into summer, we'll be acquiring 14,5k more trees and shrubs over the next few months as the expansion of TreeCo's nursery continues at full tilt. This is our biggest single acquisition yet so many thanks to all of our partners and clients for your ongoing support.

At TreeCo, we're always growing, and we keep our nursery fully stocked so that you can plant first class specimens all year round. You can even find some of South Africa's protected beauties in our nursery.